Daryl S.

Dedicated to finding justice I highly recommend Bruce Tichinin if you are looking for an attorney that is dedicated to finding justice for people who have been erroneously accused of a crime. We were fortunate to find Mr. Tichinin who was very familiar with this type of situation and we are grateful that we chose to hire him to handle our case. My family was falsely accused of being involved with constructing a dam on our property to divert water on an adjacent property, that we did not own, for the purpose of growing illegal marijuana. My family has not been on the property for 50 years. Fish and Game threatened us with numerous violations that were unjustified. And the fines would have totaled over $50,000 We were advised to contact attorneys located in San Francisco as they were considered the most experienced with our type of situation. We decided to look for an attorney that lived in the area where our property was located to handle our case. Needless to say, he was able to prove that we had nothing to do with the dam that had been constructed and that we were not growing marijuana on the adjacent property. The Santa Cruz County District Attorney was convinced to drop the case. You will not regret hiring this honest and dedicated attorney for your situation.