Land Use Law

Land Use Law includes the following matters:

General Plans

  • Amendments
  • Required Elements
  • Consistency Requirement


  • Amendments
  • General Plan Consistency

Conditional Use Permits

  • Constitutional Notice Required
  • Special Zoning Ordinance Findings Required
  • Statutory Administrative Findings Required
  • General Plan & Zoning Consistency Requirements
  • Running With The Land


  • Constitutional Notice Required
  • When Required: Enjoyment of Zoning District Privileges
  • When Prohibited: No "Special Privileges"
  • Statutory Administrative Findings Required
  • General Plan & Zoning Consistency Requirements

Non-Conforming Uses

  • "Grandfathering"


  • City Council Application & Approval
  • Local Agency Formation Commission Approval

California Environmental Quality Act ("CEQA") Compliance

  • Categorical Exemptions
  • Statutory Exemptions
  • Initial Studies
  • Negative Declarations
  • Environmental Impact Reports ("EIRs")
    • Draft EIRs
    • Public Comments
    • Agency Responses
    • Final EIRs
    • Findings of Approval
  • CEQA Guidelines


  • Minor Land Divisions
  • Major Land Divisions
  • Parcel Maps
  • Lot Line Adjustments
  • Vested Rights
  • Merger of Lots

Counseling & Litigation On Land Use Matters

  • The Law Offices of Bruce Tichinin, Inc. fProvides All Services Required to Represent Clients in All the Matters Listed Above in Administrative Proceedings  Before Planning Departments, Planning Commissions, City Councils and County Boards Of Supervisors, and in Court Cases
  •  Licensed to Practice in All California Courts: All Superior Courts, All Courts of Appeal and the Supreme Court
  • Licensed to Practice in United States District Court for the Northern District of California, and the United States Court Of Appeal for the Ninth Circuit

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